Confidence and low self-esteem

Is success to do with luck or self-belief?

Luck is always helpful however, we all know or at least deep down we sense that how successful we are in our life mirrors how much we value and accept ourselves.

Self- esteem has a fundamental influence on nearly everything we do. When your self-esteem is low it can have a negative impact on almost all areas of your life.

Low-self-esteem is most likely the product of judgemental parents or teachers.
If you are continually judged or labelled by your parents and/ or teachers then the labels can become your cores beliefs, causing you to question your ability.
One-dimensional generalizations such as ‘you are the laziest kid I’ve ever seen, just lazy’ can be very damaging.
We all have memories of when we were judged or harshly criticized by our parents or teachers and because of that we felt our confidence and self-esteem drop.

Family is the closest unit we live in and understandably it has the greatest influence on our lives.
We may not be consciously aware of it but we can pick up a belief system that may have been passed down through many generations.
For example, depression can be passed on by mother to child continuously from one generation to another.
Although we could not as a child to avoid this negative influence on us the good news is that you can learn to change this negative programming.

One of the greatest things that you can achieve with Hypnotherapy is to get rid of negative programming about yourself.
When these old programmes are not running your life any more you can embrace your abilities, creativity, talents and lead a more satisfying life.
The Age- regression, hypnotherapy technique, can help to shed light on the causes of your low self-esteem and get rid of them.

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