Just a few facts about depression:
According to World Health Organization (WHO) worldwide, more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression. One in five people get depression at some point in their lives. Combined anxiety and depression is most common in the UK.

The old term for depression was ‘nervous exhaustion’ and the expression explains the possible link between stress and depression.
Prolonging badly-managed stress can move into depression just as much as alcohol and drug abuse can lead to it. Traumatic events such as an abusive history or an injury can also be responsible for this illness.
However, it can be a part of other illnesses or hormonal imbalance as well.

Depression is not just feeling low - its symptoms can be very complex and differ from person to person.
The symptoms often include mental and physical exhaustion, a continual sense of heavy dread, anxious feelings and thoughts, changes in appetite, low energy levels, disturbed sleep, chest tightness, aching limbs, lack of motivation and/or loss of interest in social interaction.

A chronic pattern of negative thinking can have a lasting detrimental impact on your brain chemistry and on your mood resulting in depression.
Throughout childhood you have been accumulating information based on how others, especially your parents or teachers, saw or judged you.
Judgemental information which has labelled you in a negative way has also become a firm ground for negative thoughts about yourself.
So if you often heard as a child that you were ‘worthless, stupid, or clumsy’ all this is stored in your subconscious mind and when it is triggered you felt or acted according to this.

With Hypnotherapy you can reprogram your negative thought patterns, which have become habitual, for positive goals.
You can learn to build confidence and trust by bringing your future into the present. You can work on your mood and welcome joy and happiness into your life.
Most importantly, with the help of Hypnotherapy you can find the cause of your depression and so a long-lasting resolution for your problem.

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