Irrational fears and phobias

Almost all of us at a certain point in our lives have experienced some kind of fear.
This might have been a fear of heights, insects, water, thunderstorms or some kind of illness and the list can go on.
If you have a single phobia (most of us have) such as a fear of some kind of animal, object or a certain situation you most likely can function well by avoiding the trigger of your fear.

However, when you have to change your life in order to avoid coming into contact with the things that you fear then you have developed a phobia that needs attention.

The physical symptoms of phobic people can vary in severity from mild to intense.
These includes: shortness of breath, blurred vision, sweaty palms, erratic heartbeat, muscle tension, nausea, fainting.

Phobias can be divided into two major groups: specific phobias (phobic responses to small animals, dogs, heights) and generalised phobias including social phobia and agoraphobia.

A single phobia usually has developed as a result of only one or two underlying traumatic events.
However, behind a more complex phobia such as agoraphobia there are probably a series of memories attached and it might take a longer time to get over it.

Your phobia can be a product of severe stress especially if your stress has been repressed for a long time.
You may have experienced a prolonged stress about a specific place or situation and your stress may materialize as a phobia about some other thing.
For example, you might have a very stressful office job you could not cope with.
In order to get into the office you have to cross a bridge. While you were experiencing intense stress at work you realise that every time you were cross the bridge you have felt anxious and panicky.
With time your anxiety has grown to the point that you have tried everything to avoid that bridge and any bridges.
So your stress manifested in a phobia about bridges.

The origin of your phobia can be transmitted to you by another person too.
This often happens with parents showing an intense irrational fear of something in front of their dependents.
For example, if you continually witness as a child your Mother screaming and running out of the room every time she sees a spider you are likely to react the same way.

With age- regression (hypnotherapy technique) a specific event can be indentified that caused the fear and sever your emotional ties to it.
Your subconscious mind can learn a new understanding about that event and replace the old ‘faulty’ program with a new one.

Through Hypnotherapy you can increase your confidence and inner strength and learn to overcome your fears.

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