Stress management

We all know how an unhealthy lifestyle makes us more vulnerable to stressors, as do our attitude and beliefs.
High or unrealistic expectations are not uncommon and usually preceded with those self-destructive words, ‘I should’ and ‘I must’; a negative attitude towards us is probably the most common stressor of all.

Thoughts and emotions influence the body. Persistent negative emotions can produce an illness. Each person has areas of the body that hold more stress than the other parts.
The neck, shoulders and back are common areas that manifest pain due to badly managed stress. The digestive system, skin and head are also vulnerable resulting in conditions such as irritable bowel, headaches and migraine.

However, stress also can be good for us despite its bad reputation. Our stress response in a real threat situation such as an imminent threat to life can help us to survive.
Stress triggers the adrenal system (fight or flight response), flooding the body with the hormone adrenalin and helping our body and mind to act fast. In the fight, flight, freeze mode our subconscious mind is in charge and activates pre-learned programmes to protect us.

We were led to believe for years that stress in all circumstances can be very harmful for us.
Although stress can be toxic and can be linked to many physical and psychological illnesses it is our mindset that is really responsible for any negative impact on us.

When stress is linked to negative emotions such as anger, fear or guilt then it is more likely it will harm you.
On the other hand if it is seen as a challenge that motivates you to achieve something better it can help you to gain your goals and have a meaningful life.
It is impossible to avoid stress entirely in our modern lives and this is why it is so important for us to learn to manage it.

Hypnotherapy can help you in not only managing your stress but also it can teach you how to utilise it for your own benefit.

Through hypnosis you can learn how to unwind and let go of negative thoughts and emotions.
Hypnotherapy can help you to believe in yourself and in your power thus helping you to manage stress stemming from low self-esteem or lack of confidence.
With Hypnotherapy you can live in the present and not the past which can help you to be more focused and less anxious about your own life.
Most importantly finding the underlying issue behind stress, using part-therapy or age-regression, can hugely reduce stress or illuminate the symptoms of stress.

Hypnosis itself has its benefits when it comes to tackling stress.
While you are in alpha state, deep relaxation, your body's blood supply is being boosted and therefore your organs function better. Your cells can absorb nutrition properly and your body can heal itself more quickly. Your mood can also improve, and all these benefits come from just simply being in alpha state.

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